Epson C13S050590 Yellow Toner

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Epson S050590 Yellow Toner Cartridge C13S050590 / S050590

For a cartridge that gives you a wide range of hues and shade, with printing that is precise, the Epson C3900 Yellow Toner Cartridge is the perfect product for you. With a variety of expression, from the most saturated, bright tones to subtler shades, you can be certain that any image or graphic is printed without a problem. The cartridge is easily installed into your laser printer, taking no specialist knowledge and creating no mess. It provides enough toner to print up to 6,000 pages.

  • Yellow toner cartridge to ensure the quality of your prints
  • Provides clear results and high definition
  • Page Yield of up to 6000 pages
  • Fitted into your printer without hassle
  • For use with the Epson C3900
  • Colour: Yellow