GBC ThermaBind T200 Thermal Binding Machine 4400408

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Out of Stock

GBC ThermaBind T200 Thermal Binding Machine 4400408

The ThermaBind T200 Thermal Binder comes with easy to operate controls and an integral cooling tray for completed work. It has the binding capacity of 200 sheets (80gsm), with a quick binding cycle of 40 seconds. Adjustable heat settings and a variable timer give you control for efficient and effective binding. The T200 also comes with a Kensington Microsaver slot for security. Specifically design for the ProClick P3000 system.

  • Fast binding cycle of 40 seconds
  • Integral cooling tray for completed documents
  • Binding capacity of up to 200 x 80gsm sheets (using 20mm covers)
  • Kensington Microsaver security slot
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 365x85x135mm