Lindt Lindor Truffles Mint Chocolate 200g FOLIL006

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Lindt Lindor Truffles Mint Chocolate 200g FOLIL006

Lindor Mint chocolate truffles are encased in bright green wrappers to seal the chocolate's freshness and let the flavours shine. Made from a form of mint flavoured ganache, carefully poured into a delicate, fine, tempered Lindt chocolate mould, the result is a hard outer shell with a creamy melting centre. Indulge the senses, eating them chilled or at room temperature and let the chocolate truffle melt in the mouth slowly or at first bite. Supplied in a box of 200g of mint flavoured, milk chocolate truffles.

  • Milk chocolate truffles with smooth melting filling
  • Individually wrapped for freshness and shine
  • Flavour: Mint
  • May contain nuts
  • Capacity: 200g