2Work Extraction Carpet Cleaner 5 Litre 306

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2Work Extraction Carpet Cleaner Concentrate 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 306

Get the best out of your spray extraction machine with 2Work Extraction Carpet Cleaner, designed to clean and revitalise carpets and upholstery. This concentrated solution can be diluted for a variety of applications: normal cleaning, heavy duty use or manual spotting for pre-cleaning tough soiling. Unlike steam cleaning, spray extraction is kinder to delicate fibres and materials. It is the ideal choice for a range of commercial environments including hotels, pubs, shops and more.

  • Detergent for spray extraction carpet cleaning
  • Safer than steam for delicate carpet fibres
  • Suitable for manual spotting of tough stains
  • Cleans and revitalises carpets and upholstery
  • Ideal for hotels, pubs, offices, cinemas and more
  • Concentrated solution for economical use
  • Dilution: Normal Use = 1:80, Pre-Spray = 1:5
  • 5 litres