2Work Floor Maintainer 5 Litre 109

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2Work Floor Maintainer Concentrate 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 109

Revive your floors and give them a glossy appearance with this floor maintainer from 2Work, supplied in a 5 litre bottle. This rose fragranced solution can be applied in a number of ways to your floors to recoat and repair scratched, marked and worn areas, leaving a slip-resistant, shiny finish. The floor maintainer is suitable for use on marble, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, tiles, stone, sealed wood and sealed cork.

  • Leaves floors with an outstanding gloss finish
  • Repairs scratched, marked or worn flooring
  • Thorough cleaning with a pleasant rose fragrance
  • Can be used with or without a machine
  • Suitable for use on all floors including marble, stone and wood
  • For spray cleaning or burnishing, dilute 75ml in a 750ml trigger bottle (1:10)
  • For damp mopping, dilute 37ml in a 5L bucket (1:20)
  • 5 litres