2Work Light Duty Refuse Sack Clear [Pack of 200] KF73377

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2Work Light Duty Refuse Sack Clear (Pack of 200) KF73377

Reinforced to reduce the chance of ripping and tear, these bags provide an easy and secure way to deal with your refuse. Packaged in a convenient dispenser box, these refuse sacks are easy to access, allowing for quick and easy use. With a design that prevents the leaking of both odour and waste, these are a sanitary and simple solution to waste disposal. These clear refuse sacks are medium duty and can also be used as paper recycling sacks.

  • Less likely to tear or rip
  • Prevents odour and waste leakage
  • Easy to use with included dispenser for access
  • Perfect solution for all waste
  • Colour: Clear
  • Pack of 200