2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Green [Pack of 200] RY15561

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Out of Stock

2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Green (Pack of 200) RY15561

Colour coded refuse sacks are the ideal choice for sorting and disposing of your rubbish more effectively. These green sacks offer a large capacity of 100 litres and is suitable for heavy duty rubbish disposal. Use in conjunction with other colours to create a well organised recycling system, or to mark confidential documents for safe disposal. This pack of 200 comes supplied in a convenient flat dispenser box.

  • Track different types of waste
  • Separate recycling and household waste
  • Ensure confidential documents are collected and disposed of correctly
  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Supplied in flat bulk dispenser box
  • Size: 990x740mm
  • Capacity: 100 litres
  • Colour: Green
  • Pack of 200