Addis Super Dry Sponge Mop Metallic/Graphite 9589CBL

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Addis Super Dry Sponge Mop Metallic/Graphite 9589CBL

The Addis Super Dry Mop is a quality mop that is great at scrubbing linoleum or vinyl floors clean. It features a sponge with antibacterial properties, helping to cut down on bad odours and prolong the life of your mop. The head can also be replaced to ensure your mop is always in top condition. If it gets wet, simply operate the integrated lever to squeeze out excess water. There is also a scraper to get rid of stubborn dirt.

  • Cleaning mop for large surfaces
  • Antibacterial sponge to reduce odours and prolong mop life
  • Large, replaceable head for quicker cleaning
  • Lever to squeeze out water
  • Scraper to remove tough marks
  • Ideal for linoleum or vinyl floors
  • Length: 1252mm