Alba Nomad Two Head Desk Lamp Black LEDTWIN N

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Alba Nomad Two Head Desk Lamp Black LEDTWIN N

The stylish and modern Alba Nomad Desk Lamp adds the perfect lighting to any desk with two LED lamp heads, which can be adjusted to your needs. The lamp heads are movable and the light itself can be dimmed, white, yellow or daylight for the ideal level of lighting. It has built-in batteries that can be charged with the included USB cable.

  • Two adjustable LED lamp heads allow light to be directed according to your needs
  • Choice of three light tones: White, Yellow and Natural
  • Dimmer button allows control over light intensity
  • Timer: Automatically shuts off after 40 minutes
  • Cordless with built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB cable included
  • Finish: Black