Epson ELPLP89 / V13H010L89 - Original Epson projector lamp module with compatible housing

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Our premium compatible lamp modules contain the same bulb as the manufacturer's original.
  • As a result you can be confident that lamp quality, life and brightness are exactly the same
  • The housing is made to the same exacting standards as the original
  • These lamps carry a unique 2 year guarantee against manufacturing faults

The original lamp (bulb) manufacturers took a decision to carefully select 2 or 3 companies globally that were capable of mass-producing original quality modules containing the original lamp (bulb) inside. This ensured that performance was not affected and was put in place to both improve the supply chain in the market and to counteract the threat of cheaper copy products.

Our premium compatible lamps use original lamps (bulbs) like those supplied with the original projection device, these are then professionally assembled into the cage. This ensures that our lamps will provide the same consistent performance to that of an OEM lamp.

Similar to Kingston memory for your PC or SanDisk memory cards for your digital camera – they are a Genuine Original high quality replacement option which is not compromised on quality and at the same time will work flawlessly in your machine. Due to a much shorter route to market, these lamps are usually more cost effective than the OEM product, yet the high quality levels are maintained.

The range is endorsed by the world's leading lamp (bulb) manufacturers Philips, OSRAM, Ushio and Phoenix. The range is put through strict quality checks which include: Beam Performance, Ignition, Voltage, Appearance, Connections, and Runtime. All lamps are manufactured to ISO14001 standards. Each Genuine Original Lamp is bespoke designed to ensure great performance levels and not to infringe on any IP or copyrights.

With availability for 10,000 projector and RPTV models, our premium compatible range is the broadest available on the market.


The product warranty is 2 years on our Premium Compatible Lamps which provides against any material defects. Please note however that if the lamp reaches the end of its natural life during this time that is considered outside of this comprehensive cover. If in doubt, return the lamp to us and we will test it and provide feedback.

How to Spot Copy Lamps and the Dangers Associated with them

Look out for words like:
  • Copy
  • Alternative
  • Equivalent
  • Generic
  • Bulb only
  • Non-original
  • Re-lamped

The risks of Copy lamps include:

Health and Safety: Projector lamps are made to a highly complex design and manufacturing process. This process uses hazardous chemicals within the glass which are under immense pressure and can generate substantial amounts of heat. If the pressure is too high, the lamps can explode, too low and the light output is greatly reduced.

Performance: The quality of a projector lamp directly influences a projector's ability to accurately replicate colours, brightness and contrast levels. It is important that any projector lamp used is designed specifically for that projector to ensure the highest image quality.

Legal: In many cases, non-original lamps infringe the Intellectual Property (IP) of original manufacturers and by importing / selling them you could be liable for prosecution and damage claims.

Identifying a non-original lamp:

Price: If the price of a projector lamp looks just too good to be true it probably is! Ask if the lamp is an original and check its warranty.

Module or Bulb Only: Pretty much every OEM and Genuine Original Lamp on the market come supplied as a complete module. This means you can slot the lamp into the projector in seconds. If you buy a bulb that needs to be fitted into an old projector lamp housing then you must be prepared to spend time with a screwdriver to swap the lamps over. This can take considerable time and does not ensure the final product is up to the correct quality standard.

Description: Any product that says, “Compatible with” or that has a generic description such as “120 watt” could mean the product is not an original.